Christian movies are not like Hollywood movies: and maybe that’s a good thing!

We've all said it: it's good for a Christian movie. As an aspiring Christian filmmaker I have wanted Christian movies to be as good as secular movies. But recently I have been thinking maybe I am missing the point? Can we really copy the winning format of Hollywood? And more importantly, SHOULD we? To clarify,... Continue Reading →


When God says “Wait!”

Just when I think: this is it. This will be the one, God reminds me to chill, make memories, and laugh. There is a Christian film festival that is currently asking for submissions from filmmakers. This is where my heart is at, so I have been thinking about how to create a Christian short film.... Continue Reading →

Films I’ve seen this month: June

Halfway through the year already! Wow, time seems to flyby just by doing this series of posts! I watched five films this month, and only two were for the first time. I had no idea I watched so many films repeatedly. But the two new films I watched this month were two of my absolute... Continue Reading →

We Win!

I started this blog to learn how to write non-fiction. And like a teenage boy going through puberty, this blog is still trying to find its voice. Its own unique take on the world and its occupants. So bear with me, as this blog squeaks and cracks along until it finds a mature (maybe) voice... Continue Reading →

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