With summer break, my brother studying for the bar exam, and coming down with a cold, I decided to reexamine my novel. You see, during my senior year of high-school, I wrote a 60,000-word novel. Then dropped the project faster than an ADHD squirrel switches between acorns. A year ago, I had almost completely reimagined the story. Writing out a detailed outline of the entire book. I had even got up to 20,000 words… then dropped it again. I struggle with finishing projects. I think everyone does. But the beauty of a novel, is that it never rots away. These digital files have remained untouched, just waiting for me to pick them up again. It’s been just a few days, but I have already begun making glorious plans for this book. Plans that will no doubt remain unfinished for years. But no matter. This is a story I believe is worth telling. It’s a story which is the exact kind of tale I love. Adventure, high stakes, gore free violence, humor, and most importantly of all: a Christian message. You, as the reader will likely never see the complete works of this story. But it has been immense fun to read over the sentences. See the same mental images that I imagined long ago. See them play out like some fond memory of the past. I usually don’t do this for fear of receiving negative feedback, but I have decided to give you a taste, just a taste, of the serious, dramatic side of my writing. No gags, no inside jokes. Just pure adventure. Enjoy!          

Two days passed. Mushito began to remember one of the lessons the old monks had taught him. “Out of great journey, comes great beauty.” He had thought they had been talking about perseverance. But as Mushito continued the trail to “The River of the gods”, he found the phrase to be completely literal. After walking through endless shades of green jungle for what seemed to be weeks, Mushito was now standing in front of the most beautiful site he had ever seen. As if in a trance, he began to move closer, unaware that his feet were even moving. Up the side of a gray rock mountain, stood a perfectly carved stairway which led to a waterfall of enormous height. Crystal clear water flowed down into a peaceful lake. Like most people, when they are confronted with the beauty of God’s wonderful creation, Mushito’s eyebrows rose and his mouth opened. He felt a strange moist feeling on his feet. It was only then, that Mushito looked down to see pure, pink sand spread across the ground as smooth as silk. But all of these wondrous sights were miniscule in comparison, when Mushito saw the small building atop the mountain, right next to the waterfall. The building, which clearly was a temple, had been carved out of the stone. But what Mushito found so fascinating, were the obvious black marks on the stone; clearly from some massive fire. A wicked grin spread across the young boy’s thin lips. His heart was beating fast and strong. One small thought surged through his mind in a singsong tone: found you.





2 thoughts on “Rediscovering

  1. I like it. It instantly reminded me of Ted Dekker. For such a short snippet the imagery caught my imagination. Very well done.


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